Oooh, hello there Weekend, so glad to see you!!!

Well, it was an interesting week, with lots of ups and downs, starting with the downs and moving on up, and I’m so glad it’s the weekend!

I’d had high hopes from the intensive rehab course I did a few weeks ago to try and sort my knee out after the surgery I had in June, I’d been thinking that I would finish the course and be pain-free, with just my fitness to worry about. Unfortunately I got to the end of the course in almost as much pain in my knee as there was pre-surgery! So after spending the past week or only doing around 1 and a half hours gym a day, it seems there is no massive change in the pain. Gutted.

I then had an appointment with my physiotherapist & ERI (Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor) at the start of this weekend, I got all stressed about it, I was really down about it – years of dealing with this injury and it looked like even the surgery had failed. I was sat on the floor of the rehab gym stretching when they were talking to me, and I soon found myself sat there in tears, feeling like a right muppet!! And feeling pretty pathetic – I mean it’s only a blooming knee for crying out loud!

They soon allayed my fears though, especially when the ERI reminded me just how much I’d done phys-wise – most days during the course I was doing a couple of cardio session – tabata, rowing etc.., lots of impact stuff – shuttles, cone drills, and loads of weights. They said that they would have been more surprised if I’d had no pain after all of that, and they were happy with my progress. So, now my gym time has reduced back down to more normal levels, rather than 5 hours a day and now the impact has reduced, so the knee isn’t feeling as bad as it did a few days ago.

In fact I went out for my run/walk session yesterday morning (06.00 hrs – I love it, so quiet and fresh!) and I’m on 4 mins running to 1 mins walking, and found myself resenting the fact that I was going to have to stop running and walk for the walking parts, which made me happy as it means that I’m obviously getting closer to full on running, and should hopefully be up to 30 mins solid running in about a week, fingers crossed!

To help convince me that I am fit enough to pass the RAF fitness test, and to give me a bit of a morale/motivation boost, my ERI decided to test me in a different way. First I did the “Rockport Walk” – basically you walk as fast as you can (no running) over a mile and record your heart rate. From the time it takes and your heart rate you then work out your VO2 max – which is to do with how your body uses oxygen during exercise – the higher the score the more efficient (and fit) you are. I was surprised to discover that I had a really good score on my VO2max, and fitness-wise could pass level 8.09 on the multi-stage fitness test (“beep test”) which all RAF personnel have to pass twice a year.

So that was reassuring enough, and then to double-prove it, the ERI set up a 200 metre oval track with cones spaced 20 metres apart and got me to run it the same as the beep test – i.e. reaching a cone at each beep, with the beep progressively getting faster and faster. The last time I tried to run the beep test as normal (shuttles back and forward across the gym) the knee could only cope with up to level 4, this time as I wasn’t having to stop and turn the knee (and my fitness!) lasted up until level 7.02. Being an “older” lady in the RAF, I need to achieve a minimum of 6.08, so in theory fitness-wise I could pass it and get upgraded! Good times J I just need to figure out how to run it in the normal way, without failing due to knee! So as far as my rehab goes, I’m feeling more positive about things this weekend, than I did last weekend, ready to crack on some more next week and keep on keeping on.

And now it’s the weekend, I’ve been able to indulge in my favourite pastime of sewing, to help me chill out and to get the last of the Christmas presents sorted. I’ve decided that 3 of them are ones that I’m going to make, and so far got one completed, and another almost done. I should be able to finish the last one tomorrow, then just need to wrap everything, and that’s us ready for Christmas Day. Off to visit my parents the weekend before Chrsitmas and then my brilliant in-laws are coming to us, so with me, Mr Photog and the boys we’re going to have a full house. J


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