2000 miles, 3 weeks, 2 people, one RV

I thought it was time I got some more of my pretty pics up, so here you go J

For years I’ve been a mahoosive admirer of the work of Ansel Adams www.anseladams.com and many of his images are of Yosemite National Park in California. A few years ago I was lucky enough to go to California with work, but never got a chance to visit “Ansel country”, so In 2009 Mr Photog and I had the chance to hire an RV (recreational vehicle – i.e. motorhome to us brits!) and tour around California for a few weeks – it was ace!

Mount Watkins & Mirror Lake  


Half Dome, Yosemite – my favourite mountain!

Just some road…..

New Brighton State Beach, Santa Cruz

One of our ad-hoc overnight stops along Big Sur on the Pacific Coast Highway – Route

Griffiths Park Observatory, Los Angeles

Outside Graumanns Chinese Theatre, Hollwood

Walk of Fame

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Beach

Santa Monica Beach

Massive trees in Sequoia National Park

Another one of our overnight stops – this time in a proper campsite, as you can tell it was really cramped….

San Francisco

San Francisco Bay with San Quentin Prison in the background

Cable Car

Golden Gate Bridge     

 California Street, San Francisco


4 thoughts on “2000 miles, 3 weeks, 2 people, one RV

  1. Great post and stunning photos! I’m a sucker for sunsets and those in Santa Monica are really something.. Check out my “winter in Los Angeles” post, you might enjoy the sunset shots I took in Santa Monica..

    Thank you for sharing this & your amazing adventure! Rock on & Bon Voyage!




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