I can talk the talk, but can I Walk the Walk?

Well. Here it is. The challenge that back in 2000 I swore I would never do again. The Walk the Walk London Moonwalk – 26.2 miles through London in the middle of the night, to raise money and awareness for Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research. http://www.walkthewalk.org/Home

You know when Sir Steve Redgrave said “if you see me in a rowing boat, shoot me” (or words to that effect) I basically said in May 2000 “if you see me walking 26.2 miles in a comedy decorated bra, shoot me – or at the very least lock me up in a room until I’ve seen sense”.

So why, 12 years and one knackered knee later, did I decide to sign up again? Well, I guess over the years the memory of the pain faded into the dim distant past, and also since the event in 2000 I guess I’ve had more reason to thank research into cancer, not just breast cancer, but all types. It is thanks to cancer research that my sister-in-law is in remission from breast cancer. It is thanks to cancer research that “borderline changes” were picked up at a routine “well woman” clinic and I was given treatment to remove pre-cancerous cells a few years back. It is thanks to cancer research that when my younger brother was diagnosed with a particularly aggressive, terminal cancer, that we were able to get a little bit longer with him than we may have had a few years earlier. But I won’t go into that now. Maybe another time.

So, anyway, here I am the night before heading into London with the other “Cosford Chicks”. The bra is suitably decorated and tested for comfort. I was desperate to go for an RAF theme bra, but also wanted to share in the “puppies” theme that the other girls were planning. So I combined the two and went for RAF roundel(ish) puppies!!

I’m so pleased with how they turned out, much better than I envisioned!! And with them being so fluffy, they feel pretty comfy. Well, now they do – not sure how they’ll feel around 17 miles in, early hours of the morning in a dark London! Along with the tutus and pink legwarmers we’ll be wearing, I guess the novelty will wear a bit thin after a while J

I feel pretty good about it all though – I’ve done more training than when I did it in 2000. I think then the furthest I walked was 3 miles! This time we’ve been going out on regular walks, building up to 17 miles was the longest. We didn’t quite make the 20 mile recommend big walk, but 17 was enough, to show us we could do the distance.

The only dark cloud over all of the training has been my dodgy knee. Not content with stopping me from running, the blinking thing has been trying it’s hardest to spoil my fun! Luckily as I’m walking it’s not too bad – as long as my leg is pretty straight it’s alright. The problems start when I try and bend it after hammering it for miles as it all swells up inside and makes bending it a bit of a challenge J but it’s not bad enough to stop me from doing this – so many people have sponsored us on http://www.walkthewalkfundraising.org/cosford_chicks (shameless plug!) I couldn’t back out even if I wanted to!! And anyway – I’m back off for another MRI scan on Monday so the surgeon can see what’s going on in there. This way I know it will be nicely aggravated and hopefully that will show up on the MRI!

So, my plan tonight is to stay awake later than normal and sleep in later in the morning so it’s not such a shock to the system when I’m still awake at 5am on Sunday morning! To all my fellow Moonwalkers – see you on the streets of that there London Town for a fantastic night!!!


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