Puppy Power

Before I moved from my base in the West Midlands, down to my new civvy hometown in somerset, I was lucky enough to go and spend a day photographing some lovely puppies.

A few months ago, whilst looking after some of my military photog video students, we were with the Midlands Region Public Order Training Centre, who also had the West Midlands Police Dog Unit assisting the training.  I was testing out a new bit of video kit that I was testing out and got some footage of the dogs in action. Via the power of Twitter I’d got in touch with West Midlands Police dog in training Sear (@WMP_Dog), who put me in touch with his human dad, so I could send them a copy of the video, and Sear expressed an interest in a modelling session, so I headed over to the West Midlands Police Dog Training Centre, near Coventry with my camera to meet Sear, some of his police dog buddies, and also meet some of the tiny baby future police dogs.

Below is a selection of some of the images I took – some action, some posed, I can’t remember all of the puppies names I’m afraid, but they were all awesome!



PD Sear working it!


 Police Dog Sear posing well for my camera!


Sniffer Dog in training


 Lovely pose!


Many thanks to Sear and his dad, as well as the staff at the Dog Training Unit for letting me bring my camera along for the day!


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